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Up Here is where we come from — from mountain spring water sources in the United States and Canada that provide great-tasting mountain spring water. Arrowhead - About Us & History - Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water History Nestle Historic photograph of arrowhead shaped rock formation Here is our history: High on the south slope of California’s San Bernardino Mountains the home of Arrowhead’s first cold-water spring is a remarkable slice of the natural world. Hot springs bubble up from the Earth’s surface. Caves can be found filled with steam. Several cold-water streams carry some of the world’s most delicious pure spring water from the mountains above. An arrowhead-shaped rock formation several acres in size points to these springs. According to a Native American legend an arrow from heaven burned the formation on the mountainside to show tribes where they could be healed. During the mid-nineteenth century “Dr.” David Noble Smith claimed that a saint-like being appeared before him and told of a far-off land with exceptional climate and curative waters marked by a gigantic arrowhead. Smith’s search for that unique arrowhead formation began in Texas and eventually ended at Arrowhead springs in California in 1857. By 1889 word of the springs along with a hotel on the site — and belief of the effect of the water from the springs on health — had grown considerably. Hotel guests often raved about the crystal-clear water from the cold springs which prompted Seth Marshall to set up a bottling operation in the hotel’s basement. By 1905 water from the cold springs was being shipped to Los Angeles. Weve gathered all of the rich history of Arrowhead — from the discovery of the first spring to becoming part of the family of Nestlé Waters North America Inc. — and placed it in this timeline. Take a look and satisfy your thirst for more information about Arrowhead
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