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For two years AlfaHosts has remained committed to its mission to allow you the Freedom to Expand . From hosting servers and now shoutcast; AlfaHosts has remained the best thanks to a team that knows the business than no other. From humble beginnings AlfaHosts was just a hosting company that promised to give the best to every customer. But with hard work several partnerships and a lot of happy customers we expanded into new areas introducing new things like servers and internet access. However though we have expanded we have not ditched our famous motto of the Freedom to Expand . Started in mid 2007 AlfaHosts has gone several changes and the design has been one of them. Aiming for bigger goals we strive for success for not only us but for your business as well; and an aim to reach customers worldwide no matter where they are located. AlfaHosts with the help of a unique partnership with Reawaken Media will now take its latest venture in content production with Helix. Helix will provide orginal content from independent sources and from both Reawaken Medias sites like and Alfahosts own team.
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